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Discover the oldest operating winery in Spain. We are dedicated to pampering our wines and we invite you to learn about their fascinating history.



Yellows and greens at the beginning of summer, red skies of the autumn sunset... in the distance, blue Pyrenean peaks protect the peaceful Somontane territory. Somontano is this: Pyrenean foothills, with all its rich landscape and peculiar climate, of a Mediterranean character, with temperatures that range between 3º C in January and 22 º C in August. The result, an ideal environment for the vines to flourish, twist and entertain us with their sweet fruit, the one that the altars will raise to the blood of a savior and most revered by us...

From these plains and depressions, on ocher soils, green leaves and golden and indigo grapes, is born the Somontano Denomination of Origin, of which we are a part, with the added honor of being the winery that back in 1985 gave birth to the first wine of our denomination…

20 km from Barbastro, capital of Somontano – province of Huesca, Aragon, Spain… – is Ponzano, which acts as the entrance gate to this land of wines. From the hills of Ponzano or from the restored hermitage of San Román, the view is lost among the vineyards, the olive trees and the dry land, a view that, gifted with nuances, gains in calm and peace as the contemplation continues...

Our vineyards cover 30 hectares of clayey limestone soil, always in dryland cultivation and, as we said, coexist with oak trees, olive trees and cereals above 530 m altitude, the highest area of Somontano. It seems to rain just enough (and necessary). Rainfall is around 500 and 600 mm annually and the gray skies alternate with the abundant golden light that nourishes and warms the strains of tempranillo, garnacha, moristel, syrah, merlot or cabernet sauvignon, red varieties from our vineyards, or the Macabeo, Gewurztraminer and white Grenache among the white varieties, for an annual production of 200,000 kg of grapes.

In short, the color palette is wide and suggestive: from the intense yellow of the sun to the blue of the mountains; from the green of the vine leaves to the brown of the earth or the vine; from the red of the heart of Garnacha to the gold of Macabeo... all bathed by the soft orange, violet and pink sunsets that this privileged open land gives us, eager to be discovered... and enjoyed.



Our wineries smell of tradition. And living history. The Borruel family, embodied in Gregorio as winemaker, Félix in viticulture and Ángel in management and marketing, we try to honor in the best way a wine tradition that maintains the aromas that remind us of knights and feudal lords, since the vestiges of our beloved Underground cellars date back to nothing more and nothing less than the year 1480, although they also preserve remains from the 19th century. With this weight of history on our shoulders we try combine the old aromas of noble aging with the fresh smells of fruit and risky spices, resulting in a studied marriage between tradition and modernity, between terroir and avant-garde... Our commitment to this modus operandi translates into the interest in producing modern wines with native varieties such as Macabeo, Moristel or Parraleta.

Bodegas Osca – the oldest in Somontano – are open to anyone who wants to breathe this amalgamation of barrel essences, leather, skin and stone from the same floor of a family winery, with small production, where Whoever enters will be welcomed and will see the same people who support this small piece of history at work.…for us, a true and beloved empire.

Humility in production translates into 1,500 hectoliters per year, jealously cared for and in an absolutely artisanal way, yes, in small stainless steel tanks of only 10,000 liters of capacity and aged with all the love and knowledge that we are capable of in 360 barrels. of French (60%) and American (40%) oak that sleep in the shelter of hundreds of years of history, whispered by medieval perfumes and the responsibility of long years of culture, learning and family passion for wine.

However, the process begins much earlier, in the countryside, with its subtle touches of broom and bush, caressed by a soft breeze that permeates the air with aromas of orchards, wild fruits or rosemary. Here The harvest begins, always manual, selecting the clusters directly in each vineyard to then be transported to the winery in small 30 kg boxes so that our grapes arrive whole, fresh and ready to give us all their essence...

Thus, the young reds, rosés and whites will coexist with Crianzas, Reservas and the only Somontano Gran Reserva, the result of the most elaborate blend or the single-varietal Moristel, Garnacha Blanca and Tinta, Merlot, Syrah and Gewurztraminer.

Dare to imagine the multitude of “perfumes” that we keep in each bottle…

As for the future of our wines, it is presented with a complex bouquet where the notes of eucalyptus or the red fruits of Grenache stand out, flagship of the winery and variety on which much of our effort and experimentation is focused, which will see its fruits – never better said – in the coming vintages.



Balance between our cultural background and the most contemporary innovation, between our artisanal work and the most aseptic technology. Powerful like our aspirations. We are moving in a complicated but exciting terrain, where the results of the wines speak for themselves: advancing step by step to try to provide the knowledge of our time without losing the family essence and the wisdom transmitted generation after generation.

Our wines are round, like our image, which seeks from humility, the perfection of the circle, the softness of the shapes and the kindness in the treatment of our raw material... The “O” of Osca identifies us, a name that has its origin in a deep love and respect for our land in which from the defense of the local we have always had a universal vocation, not in vain our exported wines reach 20% and we are proud that they make the dining rooms of Swiss, Americans, Germans, Chinese, etc. a little happier... In reality we think that a job well done has no borders.

Thus – our “O” – the most representative element of the corporate visual image, combines photography and a different graphic treatment for each type of wine, transmitting tradition, oenology and terroir on the one hand, and avant-garde on the other, ultimately seeking enhance our brand image worldwide and give greater personality to our wines.

Long finale, to which we do not want to put one point but three, because we hope, and that is our daily hope, to continue having recognition for our work, for the passion for wine culture and respect for family tradition.

Our most sincere thanks to everyone who, after tasting a wine from Bodegas Osca, feels that their deep bond with Mother Earth resonates from their core… and with the mystery of life.

Welcome to the wine culture passion for wine wine science

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